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Jared Hambrook, real estate Broker at Legacy Real Estate, specializes in residential sales, commercial leasing and sales, and property management in the Mid -Willamette Valley and surrounding cities.

In 2008, Jared graduated with honors from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship. Since that time he has had experience in the management divisions of many different industries and has received certifications as a Licensed Oregon Broker, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician and English Teacher for speakers of other languages, with additional certifications through the Swiss Military in Hostile Environment awareness. Jared obtained his Broker’s license in 2014. Prior to joining Legacy Real Estate in 2014, he was director of property management at the Rushing Group as well as assistant coordinator for multifamily projects and new commercial property development. He is now a member of SAR, NAR, WVMLS, and RMLS.

Prior to Jared’s Real Estate career he took a break from the business world for a few years to work with a Christian Nonprofit, serving internationally as well as in his local community to better the lives of those in need.  The values and perspective he learned in the nonprofit sector have carried back over to the business sector with him, proving to make him an ethical and trustworthy Broker in Salem’s real estate industry. In Jared’s spare time he serves on an International Rapid Response Disaster Relief Team and is a part of their US Council. He also volunteers at his church, the local boys and girls club, and mentors students at Kennedy Elementary. When he’s not volunteering you can find him doing one of his many hobbies which include international travel, riding motorcycles, skydiving, going to the gym, backpacking, shooting, and rock climbing.

Jared Hambrook has lived in the Salem-Keizer area the last 6 years. He also comes from a family with a long history in Real Estate and grew up assisting his father in the day to day processes of his business at Re/Max Real Estate. His family just expanded to include his two new fur babies.  




“Jared did a great job!  We were (admittedly) picky clients in a tough market; finding the right house was challenging and frustrating for us.  But, Jared never gave up.  He kept us going with his enthusiasm and can-do attitude.  He listened to us and quickly honed in on what we were looking for.   He didn’t just sit by and wait for us to find houses of interest; he kept a sharp eye out and contacted us when he saw something he thought we’d like. We especially appreciated that Jared was readily available whenever we needed him; he was quick to respond and willing to call, text, email, and meet up to get the task done, whether it be getting the scoop on a property, scheduling views, or making offers.  He really went the extra mile to make us feel like his number one client. He spent late nights working on comps so we could prepare and submit offers quickly. Despite all of the challenges of buying in a seller’s market, Jared made the process as easy as possible.   When we finally did close on our house, Jared was there cheering us on.  With his kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity, he made the “passing of the keys” a very special, very memorable moment for us.  It really showed how much he cared.  Jared is a true professional!”

“In my search for buying my first house this past summer in the Salem, Oregon area, I struggled with 3 Realtors not being very responsive to me when I asked about houses I found listings for to get an appointment to view them set up, before someone else beat me to it.  The market last summer was  very competitive for buyers, so the minute a good house was listed, buyers needed to jump on them right away to even stand a chance of getting to view them and especially make an offer, before someone else did.  Time and time again, good houses slipped through my fingers due to the Realtors lack of responding quickly – by the time they did, the houses would get an accepted offer.  So frustrating!”“I was about ready to read the entire Oregon Realtor’s Association Guidebook and do it all myself, I was so frustrated!  But, then I found Jared!  He listened and understood my frustrations and I told him, “I need a Tiger out there working for me in this crazy market!”.  He sure turned out to be exactly that!!!”

“Jared was the one that actually made efforts to find houses matching what type of house I was looking for and helped me to identify the good areas to focus on – unlike the previous Realtors where I was doing all the legwork.  He then set me up to get email notifications whenever a new matching listing came up.  Whenever I saw one I was interested in viewing, I would let him know and he would get a viewing scheduled ASAP.”

“He and I went to view houses in 100+ degree heat even!  He made every effort to allow for my work schedule and be available for viewings in the evenings or weekends until I finally found the house that is now my home!”

“Every step of the way from viewing, to making my offer, to scheduling inspections, to repair addendums and negotiations – all the way to closing…Jared was the Tiger I needed him to be!”      

“I learned that finding the right Realtor that has your back during the whole home searching and buying process, is so important and valuable – I cannot stress this enough.   If anyone reading this is frustrated like I was or if you are just starting to look for a Realtor and don’t want to learn the hard way like I did…then I absolutely encourage you to contact Jared and give him the chance to be the Tiger Realtor for you as he was for me!”

“Jared was fantastic from start to finish.  His knowledge and experience helped complete my family’s move from Phoenix to Salem.  He listened to our wants/needs and had us view homes that fit what we needed.  When we found the one we were his best interest.  He was honest and offered advice that was  fair to the seller but truly looked out for his clients.  You’ll have the best in your side with Jared!!”


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