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Brenda Glodt

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Brenda Glodt has been in business for over 40 years.  First restaurants, J’s which her and her husband ran for years.  J’s is still in Monmouth today.  Brenda was licensed to sell real estate in 1982 and never looked back.  She has always and still today works more than full time.  One of the best negotiators in the business with a focus on making sure everyone in the deal is happy.  She has instilled a “client is always first” mentality in all of us.  She works night and day for her clients without them even knowing.

I have watched her search for properties for folks that came through an open house years ago.  Sure enough, she see’s something, reminds her of a client, she calls them, they look at it and it is a perfect fit.  We all work hard to live up to that work ethic and are proud to.

Her passions are design, architecture, home and last but really first family… oh yes and if she loves to golf.. She and her husband Rand have lived at Illahe Hills Country Club for 15 years and she has been a club member for over 40 years.

Real Estate is a very hard business because so much goes behind the scenes that only she see’s.  Not letting her clients worry and she carries the burden until it is right.  Sometimes never thanked.

A great business woman.. She would never say that her self but I think anyone who knows her would say she is very savvy and gives that to her clients.

30 years in any business is a huge accomplishment.  She is there and still going negotiating the best deal for her client!

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