Affordable HOME Act

Jeff Merkley, Oregon’s Senator, introduced the Affordable HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equitable) Act earlier this year. In an email sent out by Merkley he says, “​​The Affordable HOME Act is designed to reduce the shortcomings of current housing policies and funding levels, by boldly addressing racial, gender, and economic disparities, along with systematic obstacles to decent, accessible, and affordable housing for all.”

The act would invest $40 billion per year into the National Housing Trust Fund. This would help build new housing, lower the cost of housing, build a housing supply which meets the needs of all Americans, provide services to reduce chronic homelessness, create a fast acting emergency housing program to assist in large-scale disasters, and work to directly address the legacy of America’s history of racially discriminatory federal housing policies. 

In a press release off Merkleys website it states, “The introduction comes as the gap between America’s affordable housing supply and families’ needs stands at 7 million units, with over 580,000 people experiencing homelessness, and 8 million low-income renters paying half of their income, or more, on rent.”

To read the full press release CLICK HERE.