Listing & Marketing Your Home

Listing & Marketing Your Home

After your initial consultation, your broker will compile the information required to officially list your home for sale. The listing documents will be sent to you via DocuSign, and an appointment will be scheduled to take professional photos, along with any other marketing materials you and your agent have agreed upon. (i.e. drone, Matterport, etc)

Preparing Your Home For Sale

An important step in marketing your home to potential buyers is preparing your home for sale. A potential buyer will look for a variety of factors as they valuate your home for purchase, so it’s important to be thorough when readying your home for the market. You can maximum your home’s appeal and marketability by following a few important tips. Your broker will offer additional advice on selling your home when you meet for a professional consultation.

Marketing Your Home

The Legacy Real Estate Group has the expertise gained through thousands of successful listings. We are always looking for new and effective ways to employ the latest tools to our client’s advantage, while still utilizing more traditional methods of advertising. We carefully select our methods based on your needs, style, preferences and timeline. Once we meet and tour your home, we will present a plan for listing and marketing your property.

When you list with Legacy, you will receive the Legacy Marketing Package.

This package includes, but is not limited to, the following options:

  • Top quality photos of your home to be featured on our highly trafficked website,
  • A marketing campaign conducted on various social media and industry-specific platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Zillow, and more.
  • An email campaign sent to a targeted pool of potential buyers featuring your property.
  • Aesthetic and effective signage designed and installed on and around your property.
  • High quality video, resulting in 3D Matterport, or virtual tour of your property. This option makes your listing accessible to out-of-town buyers or, in case of a health-risk like the pandemic experienced in 2020, keeps your listing visible and competitive regardless of restrictions or location.

Legacy also offers more specific marketing packages; ask your broker for more information on the additional marketing services we provide.

High Quality Visuals

Since most consumers in today’s market shop for homes online, the importance of showcasing your home in a flattering and accurate manner is more crucial than ever. High quality visual elements are essential to our marketing strategy, as they allow us to differentiate our listings and make them stand out in the crowded marketplace. Using wide angle lenses and professional equipment, we’ll showcase your home as it deserves to be presented.

Here are a few photography tips Legacy brokers follow when photographing your home:

Make it Big:

No matter the size of the home, using a wide angle lens to photograph the layout of a space can help to showcase more of the spaces’ features, make it appear larger, and lend a feeling of openness to the photo.

It’s in the details:

Differentiate your photos from other real estate listings by focusing your standard zoom lens on unique features of a space. Custom windows, cabinetry, appliances, tile or granite work, bathrooms, kitchens, decks, patios, and gardens can help make your listing stand out.

Let there be light:

Make your photos look bright and clean by showing off the lighting in the house. Large windows, sliding glass doors, chandeliers, track lighting, pendant lamps, and other luminous features make a home appear more inviting in a photo and can inspire potential buyers to schedule a tour.

Video is another important aspect of the real estate marketing presentation in today’s digital age. Through video based platforms like YouTube and Vimeo we can expand the reach of our video marketing. With high quality video and images you will be able to really impress a potential buyer.

Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system used to create a virtual tour of your property. Potential buyers will be able to explore your home from the comfort of their home. The camera captures the space in such detail that it feels you are physically in the home. The buyers will be able to view the home as a whole, visit each level, and even “walk” up and down the steps.

We’ve recently added a powerful production tool to our marketing arsenal that builds upon our Legacy of quality and attention to detail. The use of drone technology in conjunction with video and photography has given us an added advantage in this crowded market. We can offer a bird’s eye view of properties, landscaping, developments, and neighborhoods, giving potential buyers a sense of place or perspective far beyond the status quo.

Showing instruction basics

  • All household members should plan to leave before each scheduled showing.
  • Take pets with you if at all possible. (If this is not possible, inform your broker ahead of time.)
  • Leave the lights on.
  • Leave your home clean and organized.
  • Leave approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled showing.
  • Allow up to 45 minutes for each showing.

Listing your home in the MLS

The Multiple Listing Service is a database used by real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale. The MLS allows participating brokers to see one another’s listing with the goal of connecting home buyers to sellers. Once your home is listed for sale in the MLS it will automatically syndicate to websites such as Zillow, and Redfin.


Once your home is active in the WVMLS, brokers and buyers will view it online and begin to request showings. Here is a list of basic showing instructions that apply to sellers and their families. If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to your broker before showings begin.

Other Marketing Services

Flyers with QR Codes

Real Estate flyers have long been a part of our marketing strategy, but today we’re empowered to enhance their effectiveness with the use of some simple technology tools like QR Codes. Flyers featuring your home will display a QR Code providing additional information. QR Codes are used to drive an interested party to a place on the web where they can access property photos, listing information, specs, and more. Any interested parties can scan the code with their smartphone, pulling up your home’s personalized website, or save a copy of the flyer directly to their phone.

Open Houses

During an open house, you leave your house for a few hours while your Legacy broker opens your home for any and all potential buyers. Legacy Real Estate will guide you through the process of preparing your home for an open house. Your Legacy Real Estate broker will advise you on the benefits during your one-on-one consultation. 

Legacy Website

Our residential website, is connected with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. This is an incredible platform for our clients and allows us to connect them with listings that meet their specified criteria. We are able to set up buyers with automatic emails notifying them whenever a home has come onto the market, changes in price, and so much more.

Through the website buyers can also request showings which is a quick and easy way to get them to your property in person.