The Home Selling Process



Meet with a Legacy Real Estate broker for a professional consultation. We will present an overview of what to expect when working with our team, advise on how to prepare your property to sell, and discuss next steps. We will also use this consultation to gather the information needed to prepare a market analysis, which will define the value of your property.



When working with a real estate broker, you enter into what's known as an "agency" relationship, which means your broker will act on your behalf in a real estate transaction. It is our duty to act in good faith and to deal honestly, present notices and communications in a timely manner, and to disclose material facts known. Once you have made the decision to work with a broker on our team, you will receive listing documents to review and sign. These documents outline all known facts about the property, determine showing and offer presentation instructions, outline commissions paid and solidify the Agency relationship.



Your broker will draft the listing in the MLS, which will include obtaining high-quality media of your property, and will send the drafted listing to you to review, edit and provide feedback on. You will also receive drafted marketing collateral, such as a marketing flyer, social announcement, and any other piece relevant to your listing. Once your listing and marketing collateral have been approved, we will go live on the market!



A professional appointment is referred to as a “showing” and is an opportunity for prospective buyers and their broker to tour your property in private. Typically, the sellers will not be present for the showing. If you are unable to leave the property for a showing, that's ok! We will be sure to communicate that with the buyer's broker. The other type of showing is an Open House, a scheduled block of time during which a broker is present at a property for potential buyers to tour the property. Open Houses typically occur on weekends and are 3-4 hours long. Because a broker is present, buyers do not need to be accompanied by their broker in order to attend.



Your broker will present all offers received to you as they come in or at a specific time arranged between you and your broker. Offers can be tricky to interpret, but your broker will explain the details of each and call out any hidden costs or risks to you. Once you have accepted an offer, your broker will facilitate any necessary negotiations, extensions, change orders, etc.



Legacy brokers receive extensive training in all areas of real estate and are well-equipped to handle any type of transaction. You can trust our brokers to offer the best advice, guide you through the proper legal terms and contract contingencies and to ensure you stay informed and up-to-date during each step of the complex transactional process. Once Buyer and Seller have reached mutual agreement on the terms of an offer, the offer is considered “accepted" and becomes the legally-binding sale agreement. All timelines, contingencies and terms outlined in the sales agreement begin the first full business day after both parties have signed the accepted agreement. Your broker will update the MLS listing status to "Pending" and will disable the booking tool for showings so that no other showings are scheduled while you are under contract.



We strive for an overwhelmingly positive experience and we value each and every one of our clients. We take pride in serving our community, which includes you and your family, friends, and sphere of people that are looking for real estate services. Our goal is to be your guaranteed real estate broker, for life!

In order to help us provide the best service possible, we rely on your communication and feedback. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we encourage you to contact us to share your experience. If you would like to leave us a review feel free to utilize the links below.